All tours start from the front door of your hotel or accomodation.
We pick you up and drop you there again.

Start time

09 : 00 am

End time

04 : 00 pm

If seeing and knowing culture is what fascinates you, then the cultural bonanza trip is the deal. We pick you up at 9 am from your hotel’s reception and drive off to Kubuneh Cultural via love which is roughly 1 hour 30 minutes drive from the tourist residential areas.

Kubuneh is a typical Jola village, a tribe believed to have been the indigenous people of The Gambia and it’s by no accident a very typical village.
On arrival, a native guide will show us around and the first step is the old village museum where old ancestral items and artifacts are archived. After thoroughly explaining most of the artifacts and their uses, we will walk down to the village square where most of the villagers must have converged already with their drums and entertainment tools.

On arrival at the village squared, we will join the lively villagers in an entertainment like no other for an hour. After putting back our shoes on, we will talk for 4 minutes to the village bush which is believed to have been the origin of Kubuneh village. The native guide will explain the history of the bush and how Kubuneh village began. After this, we will have our lunch and drive back home around 3:00 pm.