This 2 Days Georgetown tour gives you an idea of how people in the Gambian countryside live and offers a relaxed way of meeting and seeing the people in the interior of the Gambia. Join us for an opportunity to experience the diverse culture, tribal traditions and history of the people of The Gambia

The Four Tours is thought out to give our customers real value for money by collapsing four major tours done separately by other tour companies. It is for people who want a whole day out to explore and scoop real Gambian culture and values and have fun. A walk through Serekunda Market reveals scenes of haggling for local products such as vegetable, fish, dairy products and spices as ingredients for local cuisines. Visit Kachikally Crocodile Pool, a traditional shrine; learn the amazing history of the spiritual crocs and the story of fertility of the waters of the pond.

A 2hrs drive with selected stops of interest along the way to the tiny historical town of Foni Bintang Karanai on arrival in Bintang we would be welcomed by the Indigenous Mandinka tribe with an authentic Cultural Dance. Lunch will be served after a 30 minutes Cultural entertainment with a Scenic view of the River Gambia. A short Village walk will bring you in close contact with life in Rural Gambia. We then depart Bintang for an hour and half drive to the heart of Real Gambian Culture and tradition Burrock Village.

Drive to Banjul sea port (the Capital city); board a boat for a 90 mins cruise along the River Gambiawhich takes you past Dog Island; lunch and snacks on board. Visit Albreda, Jufureh and Fort James Island, two villages Alex Hailey talked about in his bestselling book- Roots, and have an insight into what happened and how.