Starts at 9:00am in the morning and off to Banjul at the Denton bridge.Get on a double deckers boat with captain Eddie.Off to the creeks amongst the mangroves for fishing.Big catches are not expected on this trip.The most common catches are angel fish,cat fish,frog fish,crabs,stingrays etc
Tour ends at around 3:30pm with snacks,drinks and water throughout.


From Denton Bridge board a double decker boat for a complete day of fishing on the Gambia River. Explore the mangrove lined creeks and tributaries and enjoy free drinks and a packed lunch.

It is a big game fishing under the tutelage of captain Aladin who is one of the most experienced fishermen in Denton bridge.A drive for 30 minutes to Banjul and by 9:30am,we will get on a speed boat in Banjul and off to the ocean.The types of fish to expect ?Black groupers,captain fish,Tiger fish,barracuda,Lady fish etc.Snacks,drinks and water is available on the boat.The trip ends at around 3:30pm.