This 2 Days Georgetown tour gives you an idea of how people in the Gambian countryside live and offers a relaxed way of meeting and seeing the people in the interior of the Gambia. Join us for an opportunity to experience the diverse culture, tribal traditions and history of the people of The Gambia

Are you interested in just a quiet, relaxed and thrilling cruise in a dug-out canoe, and also crave for stimulating and refreshing site seeing? The 3 hrs cruise is what you are looking for. Be assured of the unfailing compliment of spotting about 30 species of birds gliding and perching on the mangroves. Docking on the sand banks of Mandinaring, takes you on a mesmerizing walk in the wet and striking woodlands flanking the mangroves. You won’t miss spotting more species of enthusiastic birds and the cool breeze laced with the sweet smell of the earth and decomposing leaves.

From Denton Bridge board a double decker boat for a complete day of fishing on the Gambia River. Explore the mangrove lined creeks and tributaries and enjoy free drinks and a packed lunch.

Take this opportunity to see the sun rise over the mangroves flanking the banks of the creeks while you spot more than 30 species of birds in the hushed quietness of the morning. Dock on a sand bank along the Mandinaring “bolong”. “Bolong” is a Mandingo name for a creek. From the sand banks you take a walk in the wet lands to spot more species of amazing birds before cruising back to Lamin Lodge for a typical tropical breakfast. After breakfast, you take a short drive to Abuko Nature Reserve. This is the oldest protected reserve for animals.

If you are also bored by the noise and hustle of the day and the confines of your hotel, then this refreshing and captivating cruise on a double decked boat will restore your vitality and enthusiasm. Starting from Denton Bridge at the entrance of Banjul, you will set out cruising along the River Gambiawith opportunity for a peaceful sun bathe. If you do not need the sun or have enough, the boat is shaded. You could also try your hand at fishing and get the intrigue of the sport. Bates and tackles are provided. There is the opportunity to refresh and swim upon stopping on a sand bank.

Visit the best preserved forest in The Gambia. Home to a troupe of over 200 baboons, who stroll through the park causing mischief wherever they go! Explore the untouched creeks and bolong on traditional ‘dug-out’ canoes. Watch the palm wine tappers scale the trees and then taste the wine in a forest clearing. Meet the marabout – the holy man of the forest – and then try a traditional delicious Gambian lunch prepared using the freshest of local produce. Exercise off lunch with some vigorous dancing – Jola style!


This trip lasts from 10.00 untill 17.00 hrs and is for a maximum of 4 people. fish from a fully fitted out sports fishing boat as the captain drives 10 miles out to sea in the search for Barracuda, Red Snapper, Lady Fish, Captain Fish and several species of Shark.