The Gambia is peaceful and stable. Crime rates and the cost of living are among the lowest in the world. The sun shines for all 12 months of the year! The Gambia offers you the best climate in the world and one of the most beautiful landscapes. This makes the Gambians warm and friendly people with a contagious relaxed attitude to life.

Arch Tours offer well organised, hassle free holiday tours, bush and beach, tourist trips and historical and cultural excursions throughout The Gambia. Our escorted tours are worry-free and hassle-free, as all the details are handled for you.

First Time Visit to Gambia: What to See & What To Do

As an introduction to The Gambia or simply as the best way to see as much of the Gambia in one day as possible, Arch Tours offer 4 trips in one day. This entails 4 major tours rolled into one. These samre 4 tours that are usually offered individually by Tour Companies in the Gambia

We involve the local communities in the tourism business process and have a high success rate in creating and sustaining profitable business projects that benefit the tourist, the local villages and the environment. The Arch Tours brand of ecotourism offers an insightful, mindful and participatory holiday or travel experience in natural and culturally vibrant environments around The Gambia.

Featured Trips For First Time Visitors To Gambia

Bird Watching Camps & Safaris In Gambia

  • Tendaba Camp
  • Tumani Tenda Camp
  • George Town

4 Tours In 1 Day

  • Serrekunda Market
  • Crocodile Pool
  • Abuko
  • Lamin Lodge
  • Paradise Beach

Roots River Cruise

  • River Gambia
  • Albreda
  • Jufureh
  • Fort James Island
  • Kunte Kinteh

Camel Safari

  • South Gambia
  • Camel Safari
  • Reptile Farm
  • Batik Factory
  • Village School